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The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek words ‘CHEIR’ meaning ‘hand’ and ‘PRAKTOS’ meaning ‘done’. Meaning ‘done by hand’.


 Our Naturopath, Joel Coughlan offers a professional health service which focuses on the clients cellular health through a series of scientific testing procedures. These procedures can identify the potential causes of the clients current state of health. Once this is established we tailor a natural health regime to correct the underlying causes, to bring about optimum health & vitality!

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Tight sore muscles? Or just wanting some relaxation time and some TLC? Why not come and enjoy a massage with Penne? With a certificate IV in Massage therapy, Penne will help you with her magic hands. 

Health fund rebates are not available, however Penne's fees are simply amazing!

30 mins-Just $30 45 mins-just $45 60 mins-Just $60

Rehab Studio

We offer a state of the art Rehab Studio including TRX, Kettle bells, traction and Vibrogym, which are all in integral part of strengthening your spine and our team of experts will guide you in using this studio

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